You've got 5 seconds to engage your prospects.

Be certain your portable exhibit dazzles them!

Some years ago, researchers determined that the average walking speed of a trade show attendee was about 1.5 miles per hour. At this pace, your 10 foot exhibit has roughly 4.5 seconds to qualify your prospect and entice their inquiry.

ASPIRE TO INSPIRE! Don't miss your opportunity. Call Tradeshow Toolbox® today and exhibit with confidence.

ABOUT US (actually, it's really about you)

Okay. You're here at our ABOUT page. But your success on the show floor is not entirely about us. Truly, a successful exhibit strategy is about your prospects. It's about whether your exhibit design reaches out to your prospective customers and engages them where it counts.

Do you know them? Do they feel as though you understand their routine problems and care about their daily challenges? In mere milliseconds, consumers make decisions about you – and your offering – that thoroughly impact their willingness to inquire. Or not. Your message and graphics make the difference between a passerby who just glances your way and a qualified prospect who is onboard as a passerby-turned- passenger.

A great show is about correctly second-guessing your competitors too. It's unlikely your company operates in a vacuum. More probable, your competitors already occupy a place in your prospect's mind; positions you must consider.

Is your exhibit designed to distinctively thread the needle through the ranks of your prospects' already established opinions and mindsets? If your plans include copy and graphics that simply enumerate and visually document your deliverables, you may wish to rethink your approach. Chances are good that your competitors have already taken this lowest common denominator route. You cannot be distinctive if what you say and what you show is basically the same as what your competitors say and show.

Perhaps we can help.

Since 1988, Tradeshow Toolbox® has been helping exhibitors – like you – improve their returns with strategic guidance and influential exhibit content that deliver prospects worth spending your time with. After all, there's no point in chalking up lots of visitors to your exhibit space  – no matter how well you do it – if they're never going to buy.

Contact us today. We'll help you separate the wheat from the chaff and improve your ROI.

ABOUT YOU (really)

If you are like many prospective Toolbox inquirers, you probably have been referred to us by an exhibit manufacturer or trade show consultant. Thank you for considering our contribution to your exhibit marketing endeavors. Above all, we are here to help you succeed.

Call us... there is no cost to start.

Our complimentary Introductory Call usually includes a few basic questions regarding your exhibit plans and your exhibit's structural considerations. We'll need to know when your show date is scheduled and which exhibit house you are working with. A likewise complimentary, 30-minute Brainstorming Call is usually scheduled for a later date. In the interim, we'll briefly review your web site and those of up to two of your competitors.

During our Brainstorming Call, we'll dig deeper into your company and its offering(s). We'll review your current messaging and your competitive distinctions as a baseline for your textual and graphics content. Our observations from our review of your competitors' web sites usually provide a foundation for direction as well.

How to get there from here?

After our Introductory and Brainstorming calls, we will followup with our recommendations and conceptual suggestions. By request, we'll prepare a detailed, computer generated comp, visually outlining the specifics of our recommended design. Our fee for your thumbnail comp is $895.00, which we will credit, in full, toward your production costs should you engage us to produce your full scale, high-resolution art. We will fully coordinate with your exhibit house to ensure your production art meets every technical specification.


Your work and customer service obviously reflect the true professional you are. You accomplished everything you said you would. The whole process, from start to finish, from quotation to finished product allowed us to be confident we would be receiving what we originally only had hoped for.

Jim Wolfe, President, John C. Ernst Co.

I just wanted to offer a round of thanks for your excellent customer service. You have always been available and have handled our account with a great deal of enthusiasm and in a professional manner. We recognize and applaud your effort.

Adam Finn, President, Warren Alloy

I would like to thank you for your excellent efforts on our behalf concerning the development of our new company image. Our 20-foot trade show booth, brochures and business cards have been

a large success due to your creativity and ability to understand what is important in our business.

Kevin Kearsey, President, Expac Corporation

As I mentioned to you on the phone, we attribute a lot of our success to your vision, artistry and professionalism.

Steve Masonek, FANAF Company

The photo mural attracted attention at the Chicago and New York boat shows. Thanks for your creativity in developing the the tag line for our exhibit and for the prompt service in delivering the photos.

John R. Kobus, Marine Systems Development, Inc.

You are are rare individual. You have the ability to listen to the customer, ask the right questions in order to understand what the customer wants or needs, even if the customer is not able to clearly express it. You have the knowledge and experience to create the concept, photograph the product,  as well as the technical expertise and talent to generate computer art and merge the two. As if that were not enough, you do all of these things with the precision of a time clock and the personality of a country gentleman.

Kate Tiedemann, President, Katena Products, Inc.

Your personal attention and the passion you dedicated to our quality and special needs yielded our best campaign to date.

Karl Hey, Sales Manager, Dix Metals, Inc.

Again, I would like to extend my most sincere thanks to you for all the sacrifice and hard work that made this project successful in such a short period of time. The responses to the brochure and the booth were so very positive that the accolades far surpass any words that I could express. The entire staff at Mobicel is very proud of the finished product and want to thank you for all your help.

Kathleen Enos, MobiCel Systems, Inc.




4-section Curved Backwall Exhibit

Coordinated Collateral



3-section Bannerstand Exhibit

Coordinated Show Handout



3-section Tabletop Exhibit

Coordinated Show Handout



4-section Curved Backwall Exhibit

Coordinated Collateral